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Fixed Interest Annuities
A Fixed Annuity is an interest-earning retirement vehicle issued by a life insurance company. Like CDs, they pay guaranteed rates of interest, in many cases higher than bank CDs which makes them appealing to investors wary of the market's ups and downs! All contract guarantees are backed by the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

Fixed annuities can be deferred or immediate. A deferred annuity accumulate regular rates of interest and the immediate annuity make fixed payments to the annuitant- determined by your age and size of your annuity - during retirement.

An Annuity allows you to save and accumulate your assets on a tax-deferred basis. Withdrawals are subject to income taxes to the extent of the interest earned. If the contract is funded by a traditional IRA, the entire withdrawal amount may be taxable. Income taxes are payable as funds are withdrawn. If withdrawals are made before age 59 1/2, a 10% federal penalty may apply if certain exception allowed by the IRS are not met.  

Fixed  Interest Annuities offer; 

  • Safety of principal
  • Tax deferred
  • Yield (competitive interest rate)
  • Liquidity options - most annuities allow some portion of the accumulation value to be withdrawn annually without withdrawal charges, for example 10% per year. Withdrawal charges usually decline over a set number of years.

CD rates are low! 

But, check out this guaranteed rate with a 5 year fixed Annuity over 3%! 

This rate is for March 2018 and is subject to 
change, please call for the current rate.
Disclosure: Certificates of Deposit are FDIC insured. These advertised rates are subject to change. Advertised rates are for guaranteed
fixed rate annuities and are insured by the issuing insurance company. Annuities are not bank products. They are a financial
contract between you and the insurance company. Insurance companies are required to maintain strict solvency ratios and are
monitored by the state department of insurance. Fixed annuities are considered to be extremely safe.